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Our Secret Recipe

With the help of our top experts and industry-leading technologies, we make sure you get only the best results, you don’t have to lift a finger!

Tell Us Who Your Target Audience And Niche Is

Give us some Instagram accounts and hashtags that have the type of followers you want to attract.

We will ensure that all your new followers are real people, interested in your brand and will engage with your content.


This process will result in a highly targeted audience best suited for your needs.


We Will Put You In The Spotlight

We employ a variety of methods depending on the package you opt for. Basically our experts employ the best techniques to grow your Instagram account in such a way to make you stand out from your competitors and be attractive to more people.


This will result in your personal brand being recognized worldwide and your business skyrocketing in sales.

AI and Analytics-Based Targeting

Over time, we will deploy the use of sophisticated AI analytics technology to make sure the audience targeted is best suited for your page and brand.


This technology allows us to precisely predict who your perfect target audience is and where we can find them in the vast realm of instagram.


What Makes Our Services Stand Out

Below is a summary of some of the benefits you stand to enjoy from our services.

Purely Organic

All our growth strategies are organic and designed to get you real followers. Quality is a top priority for us .


The Perfect Clients, Just For Fou

Our goal is to attract only the highest targeted audience for you, so that your followers are interested in your content, products or services.

Enjoy The Spotlight

Within a few weeks to a month, our customers experience a gradual but sustained surge in followers.

We will help you get dedicated followers that will become ardent supporters of your brand.

Intuitive Competitor Filter Option

With the help from our A.I. powered filter, we are able to identify, interact and attract instagram followers that are associated with your closest competitors.

Why Our Path Is The Way To Go?

We Focus On You

We value our customers and that is why you will get your own dedicated account manager and our whole team of Instagram account officers that will work closely with you to ensure the growth of your account.

Custom Tailored Support

You will be in contact only with real people, we value your time and we don’t want to waste your time with annoying bots.

Privacy Is A Priority

Our website an A.I are proprietary, this means we have full control over them and are  fully encrypted, and all your personal information is treated with utmost respect and secrecy. Your data is and will remain safe with us.

Analytics And AI-Powered Targeting

We use a very advanced artificial intelligence system that analyses petabytes of data in order to seek out your targeted audience.

Account Security

All our services are in complete compliance with Instagram’s terms, policies and conditions. We will never allow you or your brand to be against any of Instagram’s terms and conditions.

Affordable Services for everyone

We have the best services amongst our competitors and package pricing options affordable for everyone. 


Targeted Approach

We engage with individuals who are relevant to your brand. By using targeted hashtags, focusing on followers of other popular accounts in your space and specific locations, we ensure only your ideal audience is targeted.


Grab Their Attention

After identifying your target audience, the hard work starts. Our team will begin interacting with that audience by liking their photos, leaving comments and following strategic accounts*. (*only on Growth Plans)


Profile or Brand exposure

Once we begin interacting with your target audience this is where the fun begins! As a result of the strategic persistence of our team, you will see an increase in traffic to your Instagram profile and photos.

Client Testimonials


Ig Account: @cosmic_dailylife

Niche: Entertainment

Number of followers: 22.7K


Ig Account: @ninaeliseh

Niche: Yoga/ Wellness

Number of followers: 12.6K

’Great work on the service I saw lots of followers and engaged j need help to grow and get engaged followers and he did a great job.’’



Have got a lot an engagement and about 700+ NEW followers in only 3 weeks. The guys at Qontent Media are my number one choice from now on. I would absolutely recommend Codrin and his team, it was a pleasure to work with! Thank you!



review 3.PNG

Ig Account: @earthlychoice

Niche: healthy product

Number of followers: 81.3K

Very professional and results-driven agency! Incredible service goes over and beyond to get the best results and I actually recommended them to my business partners



Organic Growth Service  

After careful assessment and consulting, we will design effective strategies to get your target audience to like and follow your account. Basically we assign you your personal account manager who will grow your account using the best know how in the industry. For this package we require full access to your Instagram account.



Guaranteed Real Targeted Followers

Personal Growth Manager


Up to 4,000 Profile Visits Per Month

Smart AI Targeting

Basic Analytics Report



Personal Growth Manager

Up To 1500 New Followers Each Month!

Up to 6,000 Profile Visits Per Month

Tips for your account

Engagement Rate Improvement

Monthly Analytics Report

Email Support

Smart AI Targeting

Most clients choose this package



Up to 8,000 Profile Visits Every Month

Your Personal Account Manager

Up To 2500 New Potential Followers!

Profile Optimization Suggestions

Custom Analytics Report

Premium Support-Guaranteed

1 on 1 Consultation Call with our Expert

Custom Audit Reporting

Customized Growth Strategy


Smart AI Targeting

Weekly & Monthly Analytics Reports

Weekly Summary Reporting!

Professional coaching & advice

Best Value For Your Money

How Will You Help Me Grow My Account?

We have a dedicated team of experts that will help you manage your account and target followers! We perform various activities on your account to drive traffic to it.

Also, our methods are designed to only help you attract followers that are attracted or affiliated with your brand or services. All you need to do is to register for any of our packages, and we will handle the rest.

How safe is this service?

100% secure. We are a complete Social Media marketing agency that specializes in Instagram marketing and branding. We have helped more than 2000 Instagram accounts grow their followers with only ethical marketing practices.

No bots, no computer-generated follows or likes. We will work within Instagram’s terms and conditions to ensure that your account remains safe with us.

Will This Service Grow My Account?

We have worked with several popular brands, individuals, agencies and influencers from various parts f the world. As long as the followers you want are on Instagram, we can help connect them with you!

How Many Followers Will I Get?

We cannot put an exact number to the amount of follows we will help you get. There are several factors that decide how many followers we can add to your profile.

Some of these factors include target audience, your profile, package, your strategy, your content and your niche. However, content will always be the most significant determinant.

However, what we can confidently say is that we will leverage our experience and technology to help you get as many followers as possible. On average, we add from 2000 – 6000+ new followers for our clients monthly. If you would like a realistic estimation for your profile, kindly contact us via our contact page.

What’s The Difference Between Packages?

We have created various packages to suit different needs, budgets and outreach. As expected, the more expensive packages guarantee faster results.

However, we suggest that customers stick to a package that falls within their price range. If you have issues selecting a package, please contact us using the contact form.

Can I Cancel My Free Trial Anytime?

You can always cancel your free trial anytime. Once we have charged you for a particular month, we will continue to provide our prior agreed-upon services until the end of the month.

Our trial offer is a free 3-day window to see what our service is like. You may choose to cancel whenever you wish at no extra cost.

Can you manage any account?

This service is suitable for business & personal accounts or any niche in general. The account must be at least 1 month old(preferably 3 months) and have 6 posts published

Why You should choose us?

We have over 8+ years in digital marketing experience and 5 in Instagram Marketing alone. We know how to grow accounts!

How can I get the best results?

Make sure your profile is at least 1 month old, has a profile picture, a nice bio, and at least 10 pictures. Remember that the quality of your content and posting consistency is the key.

Can you do unfollowing?

Yes, your assigned manager will perform unfollowing to make sure you always have a good ration between your followers and the following. The unfollow will start 3 days after the user was followed in order to give him enough time to see the following notification

Money back guarantee?

Yes, absolutely!

Will I get my own personal account manager?

Yes! One of our trained experts will be right with you from the beginning, we make sure you always have someone with a lot of experience working on your account and giving you the best possible results. This is a guarantee!


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